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2010-12-22 04:32 240 YouTube


Vidéo présentant le malware Zbot/Zeus. Se reporter aux pages : http://forum.malekal.com/zbot-zeus-stealer-t21390.html#p176144 ...

2009-10-15 05:00 11,304 YouTube

Soloing LV 18 (Elite) as a LV 13!

SkillOverGear (Surge) soloing LV 18(Elite) as a LV 13 in Bots from Acclaim, useing 0 heath/rebirth packs!!! Gear used (all gigas gear): LV 8 Head, Arms, and ...

2007-09-21 02:36 1,228 YouTube

P12Bot, New runescape bot for 2012

P12 is a new bot for runescape since the botnuke, We do not have a forum yet, but it will be p12bot.org Download: http://goo.gl/ntV4f this bot includes a couple of ...

2012-02-01 03:33 1,036 YouTube

[RsBots.lt gidas] Kaip atsisiųsti JDK?

Visi klausimai www.rsbots.lt. Nuoroda ir detalesnė informacija http://rsbots.lt/articles.php?article_id=15.

2010-12-30 01:27 497 YouTube