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Attain the Cutting Edge [Subtitles]

Korean Title: 돌파하라 최첨단을 Dancers from Unknown Group Performing The Famous "CNC-Song" on Kim Il Sung Square for the 65th Workers' Party Korea ...

2011-07-04 05:21 15,190 YouTube

We will go to Mount Paektu [Subtitles]

Korean title: 가리라 백두산으로 Japanese title: ゆこう、白頭山へ Alternative title: We will climb to Mt. Paektu Lyrics: Ri Chi Son (리지성) Composer: U Jeong Hi ...

2015-10-11 04:11 37,589 YouTube

My Country is the best! [Subtitles]

Korean title: 내 나라 제일로 좋아 (Also known as Pyongyang is the best) Performed by Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble Song created in 1991 Vocals: 리경숙 (Ri ...

2012-01-27 03:50 179,950 YouTube

One year without Kim Jong Il

From the Documentary: 위대한 령도자 김정일동지는 영생할것이다 4 (The Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il Will Live Forever Part 4) 2012 spent amid infinite ...

2012-12-13 09:10 17,208 YouTube

Our wish is Unification [Subtitles]

Korean Title: 우리의 소원은 통일 (Uri e soweon eun tongil) Also translated as "Our wish is union" Composition: Ahn Byong Won Singer: Kim Seol Hui The song ...

2012-04-22 03:36 12,483 YouTube