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General uses warp [Subtitles]

Korean Title: 장군님 축지법 쓰신다 Russian Title: Полководец укажет путь к победе Japanese Title: 将軍様 縮地法を使う Also translated as: The Dea

2011-02-23 02:43 74,805 YouTube

Arirang [Subtitles]

Korean title: 아리랑 (경기아리랑) Japanese title: アリラン Chinese title: 阿里郎 Russian title: Ариран English Subtitles Singer: Ri Kyong Suk (리경숙) Performed by ..

2015-06-22 05:04 19,459 YouTube

One year without Kim Jong Il

From the Documentary: 위대한 령도자 김정일동지는 영생할것이다 4 (The Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il Will Live Forever Part 4) 2012 spent amid infinite ...

2012-12-13 09:10 23,495 YouTube

Myself in the Distant Future (North Korea)

Korean title: 먼 후날의 나의 모습 Alternative title: My Look in the Distant Future, My Appearance in the Distant Future English Subtitles Year of production: 1997 ...

2018-02-11 42:38 26,811 YouTube

Comrade Kim Jong Il even worked on holidays

From the Documentary: "Always Working Together For The People" 1994 The song is "Chugwon" or "Bless you" (축원): ...

2013-02-24 03:38 42,375 YouTube

North Korean Movie: A Family Basketball Team

Yu Sang Gu, the hero of the film, is genuine educator who has devoted his all for the development of mass physical culture and sports. One day he meets a girl ....

2016-03-16 01:42 30 Dailymotion