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Myself in the Distant Future (North Korea)

Korean title: 먼 후날의 나의 모습 Alternative title: My Look in the Distant Future, My Appearance in the Distant Future English Subtitles Year of production: 1997 ...

2018-02-11 42:38 17,587 YouTube

Working restlessly for the 6th Party Congress

English Narration From the documentary: "Always working together for the people" The Sixth Party Congress reviewed and discussed the report on the work of ...

2012-06-02 05:52 41,012 YouTube

Tribute to Kim Jong Il [Subtitles]

Medley Korean title: 장군님을 우러러 부르는 노래 Japanese title: 将軍様を仰いで歌う歌 / 将軍様を仰ぎ歌う歌 / 金正日 From a Moranbong Band Concert the 1st ..

2015-02-14 17:31 10,842 YouTube

We envy nothing in the world [Subtitles]

Korean Title: 세상에 부름없어라 Japanese title: この世に羨むものはない / 世の中にうらやむものはない Lyrics: Collective (집체 ) Composition: Kim Hyuk (김혁

2013-04-02 03:45 17,980 YouTube

Country of the People [Subtitles]

Korean title: 인민의 나라 Chinese title: 人民的國家 With Enligsh and Chinese Subtitles Korea Shining with Immortal Exploits Significant September has come to ...

2015-09-05 02:38 17,562 YouTube

North Korean Movie: A Family Basketball Team

Yu Sang Gu, the hero of the film, is genuine educator who has devoted his all for the development of mass physical culture and sports. One day he meets a girl ....

2016-03-16 01:42 29 Dailymotion