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Days of the Week [Subtitles]

Korean title: 요일풀이 노래 Japanese title: 曜日解釈の歌 Video and song from 1993 about the February Holiday and Kim Jong Il's birthday. Some of the video clips are from his...

2012-02-15 02:43 13,136 YouTube

We Cannot Live Without Him [Subtitles]

Korean title: 그이 없인 못살아 Long Epic "The Sky of the Sun" and a Poetess ... ... ... People, I beg your pardon With my clumsy pen, I cannot...

2017-02-07 04:12 4,481 YouTube

Kim Jong Il the great Journalist, Architect and Successor

English Narration From the Documentary: "The Brilliant History of Great Leadership" (Kim Jong Il's Leadership of Korea) Year of release: 2008 6.19 Korean title: 《위대한 령도의 빛나

2013-06-21 09:57 10,219 YouTube

Kim Jong Il's leadership during the Arduous March

English Narration. From the Documentary "Korea, changing sorrow into strength and courage" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niPk0Rof1YQ "Although the Great Leader told us that we have to let..

2012-07-12 06:04 9,543 YouTube

Crossroads of Destiny [Subtitles]

Korean title: 운명의 갈림길 Russian title: Перекрёстки судьбы Japanese title: 運命の分かれ道 Lyrics: Kim Tong Pil (김동필) Composition: Song Tong Chun (성

2015-06-29 06:26 4,826 YouTube

North Korean Movie: A Family Basketball Team

Yu Sang Gu, the hero of the film, is genuine educator who has devoted his all for the development of mass physical culture and sports. One day he meets a girl ....

2016-03-16 01:42 29 Dailymotion