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Matai City Test

MATAI crash test car vs. dummy

Wolf staffers Jim Sobek and Allison Tharp joined the MATAI (Michigan Association of Traffic Accident Investigators) for this crash test. The car was traveling at ...

2014-10-09 00:13 246 YouTube

Tonga Ha'apai 2018

Song: "If you love me" - Tee Rule Day 2 in Ha'apai. I was approached by Lt Col Hon Ve'ehala while working on this clip. I didn't know he was watching me work ...

2018-06-29 06:29 86,518 YouTube

Wild NZ v GB rugby brawl - Keith Senior V Steve Matai

Senior takes to Matai some handbags are thrown, tenses up the game- the Kiwi's arn't as tough as they think they are!

2013-04-04 02:58 2,680 YouTube

Камикадзе | На автобане

2019-08-05 21:19 9,592 YouTube

Mitch Allgood punches Matai

via YouTube Capture.

2013-07-08 00:19 10,749 YouTube

Matai Luh e Qalam

EMI (Pakistan) LtdEMI Pakistan has been in existence since 1948. Earlier as The Gramophone Company of Pakistan, changed to its current name in 1972.EMI Pakistan...

2019-07-11 00:25 0 Dailymotion

Matai Title 2003

Matai Title 2003...

2016-03-28 08:03 5 Dailymotion

Memata-matai karyawan dengan monitor di bawah meja tempat kerja

DAILY TELEGRAPH MENGGUNAKAN MONITOR DI BAWAH MEJA KARYAWAN Daily Telegraph menarik monitor dari bawah meja tempat kerja "Daily Telegraph London telah mengha...

2016-01-29 01:05 48 Dailymotion


violentes agressions antisemites a Lyon et partout en France !...

2012-06-28 03:28 68 Dailymotion

Mata matai Pencuri Ikan, Susi Diprotes Dirjennya

Mata matai Pencuri Ikan, Susi Diprotes Dirjennya...

2015-07-30 03:15 6 Dailymotion