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Thunder from Jong Il Peak [Subtitles]

2010-11-07 61 5 11,412 YouTube

Korean Title: 정일봉의 우뢰소리 Japanese Title: 正日峰の雷鳴 歌詞 Original KCTV Video with Translated Lyrics Music by KPA state merited chorus. Download this song here: http://pyongyang.news-site.net/myujic/mu/02/jongilubong.mp3 and the Nodes http://pyongyang.news-site.net/myujic/mu/02/jongilubong.gif Jong Il Peak Jong Il Peak is standing in Mt. Paektu, a celebrated mountain of Korea. In front of it is the home where the great Kim Jong Il was born. To tell the significant place to the posterity forever the Korean people engraved his name on the peak and named it Jong Il Peak. Jong Il Peak is magnificent and mysterious. It is 1,798 metres above the sea level. Its southern slope is an about 100-metre high precipice and its northern ridge is connected with the Saja Peak in slow gradient. The Jong Il Peak has slopes in the east and the west and the eastern slope is steeper than the western one. Jong Il Peak is surrounded by primeval forests. There are more than 300 species of plants including 16 kinds of tall trees and over 40 kinds of shrubs. Growing around the peak are a lot of evergreen Abies nephrolepis, spruce and Picea Koraiensis. But azalea, rhododendron, mountain ash and other plants are growing around the precipice with the letters of "Jong Il Peak". So flowers are beautiful in spring and leaves turn all red and yellow in autumn. The Sobaek Stream washes the foot of Jong Il Peak. The clear water of the stream does not freeze even in severe cold of winter when the temperature goes down to 30 to 40 degrees centigrade below zero. The hazy fog over the Sobaek Stream forms white frostworks on branches of the trees around it and sometimes a beautiful rainbow spans it. Such mysterious scenes add beauty to the Jong Il Peak. Jong Il Peak is more grandiose and beautiful for its unique natural view and flora.