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Water Engulfs Houseboat in Lake Powell, Utah

2018-06-02 5,152 Dailymotion

Utah resident Jimmy Rex captured video of water engulfing the houseboat he and a group of friends were on while boating on Lake Powell over Memorial Day weekend.

This video shows waves hitting the boat as Rex and his friends panic over what to do to stop the rising water levels. Rex can be heard speaking on the radio informing the recipient that the US Coast Guard is on their way and bringing a pump to help with the inundation. Other members of the group put on life jackets as they wait.

The Coast Guard eventually arrived and helped the group members, which were around 15 people, safely out of the boat.

The vessel was towed out of the lake on a trailer and taken in for repairs, according to reports. The cause of the accident is still under investigation

Rex later shared the video on Facebook poking fun at the incident by playing Céline Dion’s Titanic theme in the background. Credit: Jimmy Rex via Storyful