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Baby Hazel Games: Learning Games for Kids (Shapes)

2016-11-11 7 Dailymotion

Baby Hazel Learns Shapes\r
Home is believed to be the first school of learning for children. Baby Hazel is growing and she needs become smarter by learning new things from now onwards. Let us give our little princess shape learning lesson in a fun way. Solve a puzzle game with Hazel by putting shapes on a right location. Enjoy baking cookies of varied shapes. Later, help her in fixing different shape beads to the necklace. Take her to the garden to learn to relate playing equipments of various shapes.\r
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About the Game :\r
Baby Hazel solve puzzle game\r
Today, Baby Hazel will learn about the basics of shapes. Help her in solving the puzzle game by placing the shape in a right location. Brainy kids get set go!\r
Baby Hazel lesson test\r
Wow! Our loving Hazel is now familiar with different shapes. Lets make the activity more fun-filled by taking shape learning lesson to kitchen. Help little angel in baking cookies of different shapes.\r
Baby Hazel in mischief mood\r
Baby Hazel feasted at yummy cookies and now she is in a naughty mood. She sits in front of dressing table and apply moms cosmetics. Oh no! But she broke moms necklace. Help her in fixing it or else she will be badly scolded by mom.\r
Baby Hazel shape lesson in garden\r
Another great way to brush up Hazels shape skills! Take her to backyard garden where she will enhance her shape learning skills. Help Hazel in making the garden tidy as monkeys have messed up it badly. Enjoy playing with Hazel!\r
More Informations : \r
Baby Hazel is 2 year old girl. Hazel has caucasian skin,golden blonde hair and hazel eyes. And on the 29th of May, Baby Hazel cant speak a little bit. Her birthday is on the 29th of May when she was born. Baby Hazel is an adorable toddler. She has stepped in to this world just 2 years ago. Baby Hazel is so charming and caring. She is a beauty and intelligent. She is here to entertain you with different fun games and Preschool Activities. Baby Hazel and her friends show of their socializing skills at their tender age. They enjoy celebrating festivals and playing together. Baby Hazel and her friends Bella, Jake, Liam, Andrew and Mia not only care each other, but also pets. They like to play with pet animals and also take care of them by feeding, bathing and building their homes. Baby Hazel likes outdoors as much as staying at home with family and pets. Enjoy Baby Hazels outdoor activities such as fishing, beach play, trips to amusement parks, farm house and much more. Like any other baby girl, Baby Hazel too falls sick sometimes. Here you get a chance to take care of our adorable princess with lots of love and attention. That is not all. Baby Hazel and her friends go to Playschool. So you can enjoy learning, dancing, playing and many other activities Baby Hazel and friends in Playschool. Baby Hazel says her mom is the best. For any kid, her home is the first school and mother is her first teacher. Same is for our cute girl. Mom teach her princess good manners, hygiene and much more.\r
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