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☺♥☻ Baby Shower Cake Decor :- ) is an Other game online Top Kids Game 2016 ☺♥☻

2016-09-01 48 Dailymotion

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Game Description :
Baby Shower Cake Decor is an Other game online. You can play Baby Shower Cake Decor in your browser for free. Your sister Rachel is celebrating her birthday tomorrow. You are forgetful. Your youngest sister reminded the birthday of Rachel. It is already nine o'clock. All the shops must have been closed. What are you going to do? You cannot blame yourself. At the same time you must make Rachel happy as soon as she opens her eyes in the next morning. We have made a shower cake for your sister. The friend of yours is aware of your forgetfulness. He came to our shop and gave the order to bake a tasty shower cake. It is ready now. It has not been decorated. You apply the favorite color of your sister likes. Embellish the cake with your decoration. Convey our wishes to the birthday baby.