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Farm animals and their sounds for children babies toddlers. Learn 12 farm animals in English!

2015-01-22 3,834 Dailymotion

What do the animals say?

The cat says meow-meow

The sheep says baa-baa

The horse says neigh-neigh

The dog says woof-woof

The sparrow says cheep-cheep

The rooster says cock-a-doodle-doo

the hen says cluck-cluck

The goose says honk-honk

The turkey says gobble-gobble

The goat says maa-maa

The cow says moo-moo

The donkey says hee-haw

The pig says oink-oink

The mouse says squeak-squeak

The cuckoo says cuckoo

The wolf says owooooo

The frog says ribbit-ribbit

The duck says quack-quack

The crow says caw-caw