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We will go to Mount Paektu [Subtitles]

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Korean title: 가리라 백두산으로 Japanese title: ゆこう、白頭山へ Alternative title: We will climb to Mt. Paektu Lyrics: Ri Chi Son (리지성) Composer: U Jeong Hi (우정희) Performed by the State Merited Chorus (공훈국가합창단) A Large Harmonious Family On October 8, 1997 Chairman Kim Jong Il was elected General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea. Greeting this auspicious day, the Korean people look back with deep emotions upon the immortal exploits he performed in leading the Party to form a harmonious whole with the masses and developing it into a party which represents and champions their demands and interests. Kim Jong Il always regarded the people as his teacher and formulated the lines and policies of the Party on the basis of their intentions and interests. He would say that he found his joy and happiness in theirs and wanted no more than their joy and happiness, and stressed that officials should work with a determination to grow flowers even on rocks if it is their wish. When he examined about a single creation and article, he paid his primary attention to whether it is to people’s liking, demands, tastes, conveniences and interests. In the whole period of his building and leading the Party he embodied the political philosophy that it should become a mother who takes care of the people’s destiny entirely on its own responsibility. He led officials to devotedly serve the people, upholding the slogan “We serve the people!” and sharing sweets and bitters with them, and ensured that all the lines, policies and activities of the Party were oriented towards defending and guaranteeing the independent rights and interests of the masses. He visited factories, rural and fishing villages including those on an island and in a remote mountainous area on a northern tip of the country to meet the people. He sat knee to knee with them, taking parental care of their living. His journey of devotion for the benefit of the people created moving episodes: When he felt the temperature in a dining room for smelters slightly low, he there and then took proper measures; When he feasted his eyes at a shoal of fish at a fishing ground, he imagined that people would sit at a table loaded with fish; and he took warm care of the family of an ordinary road worker whom he had met long ago. In December 2011 alone, the closing year of his life, he visited the Kaeson Youth Park Pleasure Ground, Hana Music Information Centre and Kwangbok Area Supermarket where he instructed the relevant officials to run the funfair properly, causing no slightest inconveniences to the people, improve the quality of goods so that they could win popularity, and conduct commercial and other service activities to meet the conveniences of the people. His field guidance for the welfare of the people provides a glimpse of his people-oriented leadership. He mapped out lines and policies incorporating their aspirations and demands and led the revolution and construction relying on their strength. That’s why the Korean people trusted and followed the Party which administers the politics of love and trust, benevolent politics, as their mother and entrusted their destiny entirely to it, and supported Kim Jong Il as the centre of leadership and unity. For his immortal exploits in forming a large harmonious whole of the Party and the masses they hold him in high esteem as eternal General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea. (Uriminzokkiri, 2015) Moranbong Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9X4qrXkpkk