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Havana played on pencil

2018-01-22 97,671 12,516 4,763,506 YouTube

Havana by Camilla Cabello played on pencil. Don't take this video to seriously, I had nothing to do for an hour so I tried this trend out! EDIT: Damn, I spend weeks on guitar arrangements for this channel and this shit gets more popular, I don’t like you youtube;) If you're looking for learning guitar as a beginner or you haven't even picked up a guitar yet. I couldn't recommend Guitar tricks more http://bit.ly/14daysFREETRAIL , I've never had a teacher and learned everything online. The hard thing with learning from Youtube is that in the beginning, it's slow and frustrating (see what I did there;). No but really, it's just hard to know what tutorials to look for and to know your needs... Sign up for Guitar tricks 14 day Free trail and practice like you'd never done before. I learned most of what I now in the last two years, it's never to late guys (also I get a lot of money if you sign up oopsie) http://bit.ly/14daysFREETRAIL If you're looking for purely Fingerstyle courses, I created a Fingerstyle Guitar Academy for you! https://fingerstyleguitaracademy.se/ IMPORTANT: I've just started a Fingerstyle Guitar Academy! Use code "MATTIASYOUTUBE" and get 30% off on ALL courses today: http://bit.ly/2FsQQtB Subscribe to my channel for more tutorials! http://bit.ly/subscribemattias ---------- Instagram: https://instagram.com/mattiasyoutube/ Facebook: http://bit.ly/2cdQQ02 ----------