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New New New New Doctor

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13 deals with being a lady ✿ DONATE ON PATREON ✿ http://patreon.com/onlyleigh Created by: Leigh Lahav Oren Mendez Backgrounds: Audrey Moulinatti ( http://audrey-molinatti-art.tumblr.com/ ) Adi Elkin ( https://www.adielkin.com/ ) Character Design Aviv Or ( http://www.avivor.com/english/ ) After Effects Brad Ruwe ( http://ruwedesign.com/ ) The 13th Doctor / Rose: Nadia Kamil ( www.nadiakamil.co.uk ) The Doctor/ Dalek: Carl Forzane ( https://www.youtube.com/MaxFrestormMusic ) Bill: Misha Malcolm ( https://goo.gl/LtFc5H ) Missy: Leigh Lahav RECORDED AT FAT ROBOT STUDIOS https://www.facebook.com/FatRobotStudios/ ♥ SOCIAL MEDIA ♥ Facebook- http://facebook.com/leighlahavstuff Tumblr- http://onlyleigh.tumblr.com Twitter- @leighlahav / http://twitter.com/leighlahav -------------More Videos-------------------- A Stranger Things Christmas http://bit.ly/2hnAwe0 Fantastic Holidays and How to Explain Them http://bit.ly/2wFJpam Belle And Tina Are Time Travelers: Pilot http://bit.ly/2ewW88A BB-8: Behind the Circuits http://bit.ly/1NIFgmF Frozen is the New Black http://bit.ly/1lXx8QA Mean Elves http://bit.ly/1ApxcCc Sherlock Spoils Everything http://bit.ly/1Mi3yqU When no one Gets Your Cosplay http://bit.ly/1NVNSZS 5 Stages of Watching - A HISHE Collab series http://bit.ly/1R8vDDR