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We Cannot Live Without Him [Subtitles]

2017-02-07 127 18 8,481 YouTube

Korean title: 그이 없인 못살아 Long Epic "The Sky of the Sun" and a Poetess ... ... ... People, I beg your pardon With my clumsy pen, I cannot describe The blinding rays that blaze the universe, But, how happy I would be If I can portray even a streak of the solemn rays If I can describe even a moment of the ardour Sitting up a hundred, nay, a thousand nights O my sun, Our sun! On this land breathing under its tender light and heat Rason is a coast at the end of the country. As the sunrays flood even the far-off land, Rays of the sun, where would you end? ... ... ... This is part of the long epic "The Sky of the Sun" written by an ordinary poetess of Korea Han Tong Son. The epic was awarded the People's Prize in Korea. All the Korean people love the poem as it gives a true and impressive picture of the love of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un for the people who suffered an unexpected flood damage in Rason in the northern region two years ago. The then worker poetess Han Tong Son wrote the epic as she was prompted by an unquenchable urge to sing of the love for the people of Kim Jong Un who goes wherever there are soldiers and people, be it deep underground pit or out-of-the-way mountain village or nameless islet on the West Sea. In August Juche 104(2015) at an enlarged meeting of the Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party of Korea discussing strategic issues concerning national defence, the most important of the state affairs, Kim Jong Un discussed on rehabilitating the damage in Rason City and visited the city along muddy and dusty roads. He said he could not bring himself to sleep because of the flood sufferers in Rason who were left homeless in the flood, and he had come as he would be relieved of worry after seeing the site of the damage rehabilitation with his own eyes. That day he said he seemed to be relieved of all worries as he had seen on the spot the dwelling houses for the people rising like mushrooms after rain and warmly called for building houses smarter and better than what had been used by the sufferers. Warm tears stood in the eyes of Han Tong Son watching on television Kim Jong Un running to the northernmost end of the country by air and by ship to meet the beloved people and warmly encouraging them. I will tell the world and write in history the reverence of the people in this country for the sun as it is, without exaggerating and underestimating, a reverence no poetic words can describe all. With such an inspiration she left for Rason. On arriving in Rason, her heart swelled up. She collected informations in the daytime and wrote at night. In ten days after return from Rason, she wrote the poem. No sooner had the poem been made public than it triggered off stormy response. As there is no sky without the sun, so there are no life and future of the Korean people apart from Kim Jong Un. This valuable truth is reflected on the epic. Han Tong Son says: "I visited Rason before writing the long epic 'The Sky of the Sun'. Every day and every moment I spent there were a continuation of surprise and excitement. Everybody I met moved me to tears, and nobody could speak without tears. Their tears were not tears of sorrow over the loss coming from the flood damage, but tears of emotion and thanks for the warm love of the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un for the people. I think the warm love for the people of Kim Jong Un, the only person of his kind in the world, could produce such an impressive epic." In Korea, misfortune was miraculously turned into fortune under the leadership of Kim Jong Un not only in the Rason region, but also in the campaign of recovering from flood damage in North Hamgyong Province last year. Under the leadership of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un, the song of reverence for the sun sung by the Korean people will echo for all ages. (Voice of Korea, 2017)