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LEGO! My Cute Shark Attack Cartoon #38 (Shark-Jet vs. Dino-Jet!) Best of 3d kids cartoons!

2017-05-24 18 8 7,975 YouTube

Lego Plane Wars!!! LEGO DINO fights a LEGO shark! A LEGO cartoon for kids AND Big Kids!!! A Lego cartoon for kids similar to the lego stop motion cartoons except this lego Animation features Dinosaurs and sharks instead of super heroes like Spiderman and the Hulk. It's a brickfilm. So if you are a parent and like animation for kids. Or if you are a big kid at heart. Or if you are a fan of legos you will like this episode We didn't sell out and throw in a billion lego marvel super heroes. It's our own unique characters we designed from scratch. The other videos on youtube that just reuse spiderman, cars (pixar) and that kind of stuff dont exhibit any creativity. We specialize lego dinosaur fights, lego shark fights, lego fights - which we havent seen a lot of on Youtube. It's our special genre: fighting videos. If you look in the related videos, you see a lot of finger family, kids games, lego play, Toysrus, rhymes for children, dino vs. hulk, monster truck, family cartoon, dinosaur cartoon for kids. But that sort of thing isn't interesting to us. It only gets us the related videos links which is cool, i guess. A Cute shark Fights a Dinosaur Dragon! with LASERS!! The Shark goes "NOM NOM NOM." the squeakquel! Comedy 3d Cartoons by Kiddy Cartoon Rhymes is a comedy 3d animation channel that posts weekly content including dino vs shark weekly comedy cartoon, cartoons for kids, nursery rhymes, cartoons for babies, finger family cartoons, shark vs. spiderman, shark vs. hulk, dino vs. shark, jaws, animal cartoons, megalodon cartoons, toys for kids, family cartoons, rhymes for children, crazy gorilla, epic battles, wheels on the bus, and old mcdonald has a farm. Subscribe for daily updates http://bit.ly/2noSmSD