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Kim Jong Il the great Journalist, Architect and Successor

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English Narration From the Documentary: "The Brilliant History of Great Leadership" (Kim Jong Il's Leadership of Korea) Year of release: 2008 6.19 Korean title: 《위대한 령도의 빛나는 력사》 Chinese title: 《伟大领导的辉煌历史》 Fly High, Our Party Flag The song Fly High, Our Party Flag was put on the stage in chorus for the first time at the music and dance performance held in celebration of the 40th founding anniversary of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) in 1985. On the red flag flied in Mt. Paektu We imprinted a hammer, a sickle and a brush. Associated with the destiny of the people, The flag has advanced through the storm of the revolution. The song gripped the heart of the people as soon as it came out. Because the song vividly carries the Korean people's trust and confidence in the WPK. The emblem of the WPK which bears a combination of a hammer, a sickle and a writing brush is imprinted in the red Party flag. They are symbolic of the workers, farmers and intellectuals respectively. The hammer, sickle and writing brush intersect at a point, meaning that the workers, farmers and intellectuals are firmly united. The emblem indicates that the Party has a large membership of farmers and intellectuals as well as workers and that it conducts all its activities to meet the desire and satisfy the interests of the working class and other broad sections of the working masses. Since the first day of its foundation the WPK has taken the responsibility for and care of the destiny and political integrity of the people. In the mid-1990s Korea had to undergo the Arduous March and the forced march unprecedented in the history due to the imperialists' harsh political and military moves and economic blockade. Even in such a condition the WPK directed what little money left in the nation's treasure into development of the CNC technology. Having made the first CNC machine with their own technology and efforts the Korean technicians and workers rose up with confidence and got the knack of the CNC technology. The CNC technology and the flexible manufacturing system were introduced into different sectors of the national economy, and modern bases of heavy and light industries went up across the country so far. As a result, the economy of the country has been revitalized as a whole. Thanks to the leadership of the WPK they successfully surmounted the Arduous March and the forced march when everything was in short supply. In the course of this their trust in the Party got firmer. They got keenly aware in their life that they will be well off as long as they follow the Party. In June last year there took place functions to celebrate the 66th founding anniversary of the Korean Children's Union (KCU), and in September that year a law on enforcing universal 12-year compulsory education was adopted at the sixth session of the 12th Supreme People's Assembly of the DPRK. This year the 7th Congress of the KCU was held with due ceremony. These served as important occasions for the children, called kings of the country, to renew their resolution to grow up into fine pillars of the country under the WPK's leadership. The lyric of the song is replete with the will of the Korean people to trust in and follow the WPK, the banner of all victory, thus leaving a deep impression. The flag is flying generation after generation In the clear sky where the sun and stars shine brightly. We will hold up the Party flag of Juche for ever Even if we have to lay down our lives. Singing the song the Korean people are working hard for the building of a thriving nation.